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  • Offer a multiscreen experience for your users
  • Explore new sources of incomes
  • Extend your services, customizing them to the demands of each user
  • Offer models and flexible options on high quality
  • Allow yours subscribers to enjoy online content through any connected device: Smartphone, game consoles, Smart TV, tablets.
  • Provide the possibility to view the desired content, anytime and anywhere.


  1. Efficient Video Compression: Using the latest standard codecs, and notably H.264 as key foundation for a good experience. 
  2. HTTP Delivery: HTTP is universal and works on any public network. This basic but essential characteristic means that firewall, scalability and heterogeneous issues that might come up with other distribution mechanisms are non‐existent with HTTP.
  3. Adaptive Bitrate Streaming: This is the ability to encode a video stream into chunks of various sizes at different bitrates and resolutions in order to cope with bandwidth variations. Different container formats are available for these chunks, with similar properties. The most common are based on MPEG‐2 Transport Stream (TS) segments or on Fragmented‐MPEG‐4.