With a very positive and encouraging look, Alejandro Cubino shared with us his vision of the year ahead

How does Network Broadcast face 2016?
Our perspectives for 2016 are highly positive. We are in a moment of operator’s migration from a basic platform to an interactivity platform. On the other hand, there is an opening at the license level in Latin America of TV providers allowing an important growth with our platform. Market operators need to migrate to interactivity, to videos in cloud, to OTT services in a single screen. Our company has this value in all devices. Not only Linux, but also Android. Operators will realize about this change and will try to migrate as soon as possible.  Network Broadcast has the solution that operators need.

How is the company positioned within the market?
Regarding competitiveness of our solution as compared to the ones offered in the market, our product is the one giving more income to operators because of the quantity of variables and options to implement together with the commercial flexibility we offer. As product, it has a solid development. On the other hand, there are few companies which can integrate inputs and applications in the same platform in a satisfactory way. They can’t adapt to the Latin American culture. As company we are highly positioned to services all the regions of Latin America; thus I think that 2016 will be a very successful year with a strong and constant growth.